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RTC offers Phone support for our DSL/Fiber internet services during our normal hours Monday – Friday from 8:00am to 5:00pm with an extra hour Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday till 6:00pm at 812-486-2300.

As many of you remember, RTC had to move our email platform to a different service provider a few years ago.  Unfortunately, this is going to occur again.  Your rtccom.net email account is going away in early July 2017.

 The provider we are recomending for the email transition is Google and their gmail.com product.  Documents relating to this conversion can be found on this page at the top right under Related Files to assist you in this process if you would like to do this on your own.  

If you would rather use a different email service such as Hotmail, you are more than welcome to, but our staff will be limited in its ablity to assist you.

We thank you for your understanding.  Email service is a very important part of the whole Internet experience, but it does seem to be the most difficult to manage.  We look forward to helping you with this transition in the near future


To access your spam email (Greymail) please follow this link https://greymail.redcondor.net/console/  and login using your @rtccom.net email address and password